A Sperry Popular Shoe: Practical or Fashionable?

DSCN0090Lately, while indulging in my roommate’s latest edition of Cosmo like any woman will do if left to her devices, I have been noticing a trend in leopard print, sparkly, diamond-studded Sperries.  For those of you that don’t know, Sperry Topsider is the leading brand of a type of shoe known as the “boat shoe,” a leather and rubber-soled stink pit for your foot. DSCN0091

As un-enticing as this description sounds, these shoes do serve a great purpose in the world of boating, fishing and general outdoorsy-activities (my dad, Marc, wears old pairs to mow lawns).  The tough leather exterior protects the feet from any fly away anchors, hooks or bait buckets while keeping the foot dry and the rubber soles ensure feet are firmly planted on the ground at all times  even if that ground is sloshed in saltwater. DSCN0093

Since 1935 when Paul Sperry watched his dog run nimbly over rocks at the beach, Sperry has been providing Americans with the perfect shoe for water lovers.

But today, I walk to class and notice that half of my fellow students have taken this classic outdoor shoe and transformed it into their everyday footwear of choice for the winter months.  Sperry Topsider has embraced the style trend by coming out with different color and pattern choices of the original shoe good old Paul and pup invented while also embrDSCN0094acing new models  including flats, wedges and even flip-flops.

Even I have two pairs of “fashion” Sperries in addition to my worn original tan pair from the 9th grade.   One is dark alligator-skin for a more business setting (haha, as if) and the other is a sparkly gold pair I like to wear to football games of my alma mater.

So my question of the day is this: Are Sperries worn for practical use or for fashion fun?

Although I acknowledge the ability of a Sperry shoe to serve me well when I’m lagoon cruising or walking down a rocky beach, I have to say I tend to wear these shoes on the daily when I’m in a rush and have no time for socks and shoe strings.  The active girl’s solution to being quick, on-the-go and ready for anything, while maintaining a fashion sense which all women innately crave, is to invest in a Sperry shoe.DSCN0095

And as in any life situation, why be normal when you can be an individual?


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