Get cookin’ and get crackin’: Stone Crab Boil

As promised, this blog post is dedicated to the post-catch job of cooking stone crab claws.  Cooked Stone Crab Claws

Last week, I was lucky enough to go out on my friend Eric’s pontoon boat to check his crab trap on the Indian River Lagoon.  And even luckier for me, he gave me three of the crab claws for my own taste buds to enjoy.

Through my own experience and the thoughts of several of my other sea-faring and river-faring friends, I have gathered a few tips to help anyone interested in preparing stone crab claws to be served in all their messy and delicious glory.


  • Medium-sized pot
  • Stone crab claws
  • 3-quarts of water
  • ½   cup of salt
  • Crab crackers
  • Old Bay seasoning (recommended)
  • Butter (recommended)

Eaten Crab Claws

Step 1- Wash crab claws of any sand, dirt or grime.

Step 2- Bring water to a boil on stove top

Step 3- Add ½ cup of salt.  Salt will not only help the water come to a boil quicker but it will also help to flavor the crab claws and tenderize the meat.

Step 4- When the boil comes to a roll, drop in the crab claws.

Step 5- Cook for 10-15 minutes depending on how many claws you have.  I had three so I stayed nearer to 10 minutes.  When the crabs are ready, they turn a bright red color.

Step 6- After 5 minutes or so, add Old Bay seasoning as liberally as you’d like (and only if you’d like because stone crab is delicious on its own).  If you want them to be super Cajun, add more.

Step 7- Turn off the stove.  I make this a step in all of my cooking “how-to” recipes because I ALWAYS forget to turn the stove off and my roommate saves our lives.

Step 8- Strain the water with a colander.

Step 9- Melt butter in the microwave if you’d like to dip your crab claws to give it a little extra moisture and flavor.

Step 10- Get crackin’! And enjoy.


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