Carina is an outdoor-loving, Florida native.  When she isn’t attempting to keep afloat with all her schoolwork, she loves visiting her hometown, Vero Beach, and cruising around the Indian River Lagoon with her dad, Marc, and all of his mid-life crisis retro fishing gear bought off eBay.

An avid outdoorswoman, Carina enjoys anything out in the sun but especially loves the wind whipping through her hair while boating or the soreness in her arms after a day out on the kayak.  A few times a year, she visits the Keys and Key West to fish for grouper and snapper and wishes she was Ernest Hemingway.

When she isn’t soaking wet from ocean waves or shredding (as much as a novice can) on her wakeboard, Carina loves curling up with her beagle, Houston, and a cup of hot tea in her Gainesville apartment.

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